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When in doubt, go for the groin

Classic article from Black Belt magazine on the blackest magic known to martial arts.

On children

It has been awhile. I was walking past a Boys and Girls club today and I saw a bunch of large paintings in the window that were done in a very childish style, but couldn’t have been painted by a child. It made me think that it is probably adults that like childish painting more […]

A Shout Out

This is a shout out to Beth Carr from Anchorage (and to her younger brother) for giving me a journal back when I was in high school. This is also a shout out to Seth Greer (from Anchorage). I hope I will see you again someday. I also wanted to tell you that I was […]

say goodbye to findphilosophy

I haven’t been writing on this and part of the problem is that i have had a busy semester, and another is that after a year studying grad school philosophy has made me self-conscious. i like better, so i plan to continue there. maybe i’ll come back to after i have a better […]

misapplied intuition

I’ve got three examples of a similar phenomenon: Just now I was reading a hard copy of an article, printed, not stapled. I was also sitting in front of my computer. I was just finishing the page of the article I was reading, and I reached for the touch pad as if to scroll down. […]

On dreams

I think it is really strange that the dream hypothesis (how do you know that you aren’t just dreaming?) is really argued as if it makes sense. Do philosophers really have such vivid dreams? Here is an example of how detailed dreams must be: if someone were to ask me to visualize (or draw) the […]