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On The Illuminati

I’m not interested in determining the existence or evaluating the evidence for The Illuminati. Considering anything as evidence for the existence of The Illuminati undermines the very concept of ‘The Illuminati’ (I will argue). To clarify, I’m talking about a particular sense of the term ‘The Illuminati’: The Illuminati of the conspiratorially minded and the […]

A Message to the Zoophiliacs Who Frequent This Blog

This is not a zoophilia blog. I don’t know how to make that any more clear. I have one post that discusses the movie Zoo where I speculate on extreme psychology. There is a link to an SNL skit about ass pennies which is brilliant. But I’m just afraid this is going to turn into […]

On Philosophers: Part Lawyer, Part Comedian

I must first begin by telling you that I am an academically trained student and teacher of philosophy. Not only that, but I have decided to rough it outside the ivory tower. This becomes an issue because philosophy is thought by many to be of no practical value in the world – philosophy trains one […]

Ishtar 1987 Funniest movie ever made. Worst?

I feel a little awkward saying this since my only explanation of the events is of cover up and conspiracy, but the 1987 Warren Beatty/Dustin Hoffman/Elaine May Ishtar is up there with Ghostbusters and few others (on my list). It takes a lotta nerve to have nothing at your age, don’t ya understand that? Most […]

When in doubt, go for the groin

Classic article from Black Belt magazine on the blackest magic known to martial arts.

of all the free online dictionaries, i don’t go to because it is so free. somehow it is freer than the other free ones, but i can’t even conceive of how it could be. and for that reason i don’t like it. i don’t trust it because it is so free. if i’m looking […]

On children

It has been awhile. I was walking past a Boys and Girls club today and I saw a bunch of large paintings in the window that were done in a very childish style, but couldn’t have been painted by a child. It made me think that it is probably adults that like childish painting more […]

nostalgia and sentiments

Here is something kinda interesting. Throughout the day memories come (to me at least) seemingly without cause – out of the blue. These can be memories of things that I haven’t thought of since they occurred. That is strange in itself, but that isn’t the point. I don’t know if other people are like this, […]

Deducing the empty set of ‘philosophers’

This is a follow-up to a comment I made in my last post about you-know-who (we must pass over it in silence). I made a comment that there are no philosophers anymore (never was, maybe one). What I meant is just this: that there are no philosophers anymore. ‘Philosopher’ is of a kind with concepts […]