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A Message to the Zoophiliacs Who Frequent This Blog

This is not a zoophilia blog. I don’t know how to make that any more clear. I have one post that discusses the movie Zoo where I speculate on extreme psychology. There is a link to an SNL skit about ass pennies which is brilliant. But I’m just afraid this is going to turn into […]

of all the free online dictionaries, i don’t go to because it is so free. somehow it is freer than the other free ones, but i can’t even conceive of how it could be. and for that reason i don’t like it. i don’t trust it because it is so free. if i’m looking […]

No Country For Old Men

This is a response to the Coen brothers newest movie. These are just some thoughts I had on the themes of the movie. Anton is the marauding badass wantonly/arbitrarily/randomly destructive element in the world (or at least America, and at least as it is seen in the eyes of old men, or the older generation). […]

Zoo (the movie), serial killers and ass-pennys

I’m wondering what it takes to overcome very strong taboos, and what is the experience once you’ve crossed them. I’m not going to get into how taboos are formed, and whether they are natural or social or whatever. The fact remains that we have taboos and people find a way past them. Zoophilia for modest […]

Epistemology and Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’

Epistemology. Theory of knowldge. Ontology : epistemology :: what is there? : how do we know it? Epistemology answer the question: what is knowledge? The traditional conception of knowledge says that one knows something if and only if they have justified true belief. Here is a scene from Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ that illustrates […]

On Hume’s ‘Of abstract ideas’ (from The Treatise)

I had to reread Hume’s ‘Of abstract ideas’ a few times to get it, but I think I understand it now. First he says that it is absurd to think that we have an idea that represents all different shapes and sizes of, for example, ‘man’, because that would seem to require and infinite capacity […]

Indiscernible crux

In an episode of ‘The Philosopher’s Zone‘ called ‘Is it art?’ Alan Saunders talks to Arthur C. Danto about his theory of indiscernables. If you have two identical objects, but one of them is a work of art, and the other is an ordinary something-or-other, how can you tell which is which? He talks of […]

New Yorker article on bonobos

I was just reading an article on bonobos from The New Yorker (that I found via aldaily) called ‘Swingers’, that I thought was going to dispell the idea that bonobos are the “hippy chimps” because, I guess, I’d like to think that monkeys are better than that, or rather, because I will only very grudgingly […]