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What is Intuition?

(This was an answer on that was sent back for work and I just posted it here.) The previous answers grapple with clear senses of the concept ‘intuition’, but I will attempt to discuss the concept more broadly. I will argue that asserting ‘intuition’ to be synonymous with a form of ‘prediction’ is inaccurate. […]

On The-Feeling-That-Someone-Is-Watching-You

Do you know the feeling referred to in the title? It could be your neighbor through a window, or the phone that you forgot to hang up in your pocket, a video camera on a telephone pole, an alien in a spaceship recording through a wormhole, extra-dimensional God-like beings or whatever. I’m assuming that everyone […]

On Things Nobody Talks About

There are things that nobody really talks about (I am using the colloquial sense of ¬†“nobody really” ¬†here). I don’t particularly mean the most demonstrably abnormal things you did as a child; I’m interested in the seemingly innocuous things-nobody-talks-about. With that, I’m going to leave the reader with some time to figure out what I’m […]

Email to an academic philosopher friend of mine

Implicit to everything I was saying was that a re-enchantment of the world is in order. Look at all the students you taught here at [insert institution of higher learning]: they called themselves ‘Christian’ (which is supposed to be a “spiritual” tradition), but how spiritual are they? *Maybe* they pray, but I’m guessing that (if […]

The Year of Skankiness

This post is over a month old – something I started, but never finished, but here it is: Take a look out the window. Doesn’t it look a little skankier than it did before? I’m talking general skankiness, and not any bullshit gender specific variety. For example, I just got home from vacation and there […]

From carpenter to computer technician

this isn’t exactly philosophy, but i was just thinking that in the future the handy-man of the past will become the man who is handy at computers and the internet. the physically engineered world of bricks, wood and nails will become the computer component/software component/net communication world. this will leave people’s homes in disrepair, and […]