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Category Archives: wasted on coffee

On The Illuminati

I’m not interested in determining the existence or evaluating the evidence for The Illuminati. Considering anything as evidence for the existence of The Illuminati undermines the very concept of ‘The Illuminati’ (I will argue). To clarify, I’m talking about a particular sense of the term ‘The Illuminati’: The Illuminati of the conspiratorially minded and the […]

A Message to the Zoophiliacs Who Frequent This Blog

This is not a zoophilia blog. I don’t know how to make that any more clear. I have one post that discusses the movie Zoo where I speculate on extreme psychology. There is a link to an SNL skit about ass pennies which is brilliant. But I’m just afraid this is going to turn into […]

On Improvised Art Creation

Improvised1 creation/performance is not just confined to jazz soloists and modern dance. For example, great performers of classical music improvise through their interpretation of the score: There will be subtle differences in each performance depending on whim and fancy. Improvisation sometimes involves the interplay of a number of agents and sometimes not, but all improvisation comes […]

On Things Nobody Talks About

There are things that nobody really talks about (I am using the colloquial sense of  “nobody really”  here). I don’t particularly mean the most demonstrably abnormal things you did as a child; I’m interested in the seemingly innocuous things-nobody-talks-about. With that, I’m going to leave the reader with some time to figure out what I’m […]

Ishtar 1987 Funniest movie ever made. Worst?

I feel a little awkward saying this since my only explanation of the events is of cover up and conspiracy, but the 1987 Warren Beatty/Dustin Hoffman/Elaine May Ishtar is up there with Ghostbusters and few others (on my list). It takes a lotta nerve to have nothing at your age, don’t ya understand that? Most […]

Finding the Wellspring of Fortune

This is some “get rich quick” magic clap sales copy that I wrote for a job application: Finding the Wellspring of Fortune The last time that I had to struggle was in realizing that I am Free. I was once lost, wanting everything that life had to offer, but not knowing how to get it. […]

Addiction, the Sorites Paradox and Rationality

There is an essential similarity between addiction (esp. quitting) and sorites paradoxes: What difference does one more cigarette/margarita/pebble/hair/etc. make? First of all: sorites paradoxes (or ‘the paradox of the heap’). 1,000 pebbles together certainly constitutes a heap. 3 pebbles certainly doesn’t. What about 999 pebbles? Yes. 998? Yes. The question is: Where is the line? […]

On children

It has been awhile. I was walking past a Boys and Girls club today and I saw a bunch of large paintings in the window that were done in a very childish style, but couldn’t have been painted by a child. It made me think that it is probably adults that like childish painting more […]

Mall stampedes

I think we should try to cover up events like mall stampedes and shootings, brawls, etc. We can’t let the rest of the world know this shit happens. We Americans like to hear about it, but people in other countries would get the wrong idea if they caught word of it. Newspapers shouldn’t carry the […]


I just realized that the English name for our planet is really weird: Earth. I’ve been reading a paper that uses this name over-and-over again. At some point I looked at the word and didn’t recognize it. It made me think of elephant ears, shaggy turf hanging over a drop-off out of a Loony Toons […]