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Category Archives: kinda philosophical

What is Intuition?

(This was an answer on that was sent back for work and I just posted it here.) The previous answers grapple with clear senses of the concept ‘intuition’, but I will attempt to discuss the concept more broadly. I will argue that asserting ‘intuition’ to be synonymous with a form of ‘prediction’ is inaccurate. […]

On The Illuminati

I’m not interested in determining the existence or evaluating the evidence for The Illuminati. Considering anything as evidence for the existence of The Illuminati undermines the very concept of ‘The Illuminati’ (I will argue). To clarify, I’m talking about a particular sense of the term ‘The Illuminati’: The Illuminati of the conspiratorially minded and the […]

On Improvised Art Creation

Improvised1 creation/performance is not just confined to jazz soloists and modern dance. For example, great performers of classical music improvise through their interpretation of the score: There will be subtle differences in each performance depending on whim and fancy. Improvisation sometimes involves the interplay of a number of agents and sometimes not, but all improvisation comes […]

On Things Nobody Talks About

There are things that nobody really talks about (I am using the colloquial sense of  “nobody really”  here). I don’t particularly mean the most demonstrably abnormal things you did as a child; I’m interested in the seemingly innocuous things-nobody-talks-about. With that, I’m going to leave the reader with some time to figure out what I’m […]

When in doubt, go for the groin

Classic article from Black Belt magazine on the blackest magic known to martial arts.

Finding the Wellspring of Fortune

This is some “get rich quick” magic clap sales copy that I wrote for a job application: Finding the Wellspring of Fortune The last time that I had to struggle was in realizing that I am Free. I was once lost, wanting everything that life had to offer, but not knowing how to get it. […]

Email to an academic philosopher friend of mine

Implicit to everything I was saying was that a re-enchantment of the world is in order. Look at all the students you taught here at [insert institution of higher learning]: they called themselves ‘Christian’ (which is supposed to be a “spiritual” tradition), but how spiritual are they? *Maybe* they pray, but I’m guessing that (if […]

Plight of the Pedestrian: Part 2

Here is another (Part 1here) inherent drawback to pedestrianism (more below on the problem with terminology). Dudes have flashy-ass cars that change color, and rims that appear to spin backwards and everyone looks at them and says: ‘That is a crazy-ass lookin’ car, and inside that must be the driver‘. Some people skateboard, and so […]


I sat down the other day to figure out what it is precisely that I am interested in in philosophy. Anyways, what I came up with is that my interests seem to revolve around some form of irrationalism. First of all, I don’t know what the hell is really meant by ‘reason’, as in the […]