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What is Intuition?

(This was an answer on that was sent back for work and I just posted it here.) The previous answers grapple with clear senses of the concept ‘intuition’, but I will attempt to discuss the concept more broadly. I will argue that asserting ‘intuition’ to be synonymous with a form of ‘prediction’ is inaccurate. […]

On The-Feeling-That-Someone-Is-Watching-You

Do you know the feeling referred to in the title? It could be your neighbor through a window, or the phone that you forgot to hang up in your pocket, a video camera on a telephone pole, an alien in a spaceship recording through a wormhole, extra-dimensional God-like beings or whatever. I’m assuming that everyone […]

On Philosophers: Part Lawyer, Part Comedian

I must first begin by telling you that I am an academically trained student and teacher of philosophy. Not only that, but I have decided to rough it outside the ivory tower. This becomes an issue because philosophy is thought by many to be of no practical value in the world – philosophy trains one […]

Ishtar 1987 Funniest movie ever made. Worst?

I feel a little awkward saying this since my only explanation of the events is of cover up and conspiracy, but the 1987 Warren Beatty/Dustin Hoffman/Elaine May Ishtar is up there with Ghostbusters and few others (on my list). It takes a lotta nerve to have nothing at your age, don’t ya understand that? Most […]

Finding the Wellspring of Fortune

This is some “get rich quick” magic clap sales copy that I wrote for a job application: Finding the Wellspring of Fortune The last time that I had to struggle was in realizing that I am Free. I was once lost, wanting everything that life had to offer, but not knowing how to get it. […]

Email to an academic philosopher friend of mine

Implicit to everything I was saying was that a re-enchantment of the world is in order. Look at all the students you taught here at [insert institution of higher learning]: they called themselves ‘Christian’ (which is supposed to be a “spiritual” tradition), but how spiritual are they? *Maybe* they pray, but I’m guessing that (if […]


I sat down the other day to figure out what it is precisely that I am interested in in philosophy. Anyways, what I came up with is that my interests seem to revolve around some form of irrationalism. First of all, I don’t know what the hell is really meant by ‘reason’, as in the […]

Deducing the empty set of ‘philosophers’

This is a follow-up to a comment I made in my last post about you-know-who (we must pass over it in silence). I made a comment that there are no philosophers anymore (never was, maybe one). What I meant is just this: that there are no philosophers anymore. ‘Philosopher’ is of a kind with concepts […]

Indiscernible crux

In an episode of ‘The Philosopher’s Zone‘ called ‘Is it art?’ Alan Saunders talks to Arthur C. Danto about his theory of indiscernables. If you have two identical objects, but one of them is a work of art, and the other is an ordinary something-or-other, how can you tell which is which? He talks of […]

a priori reasoning as ‘what must be necessary for such-and-such a phenomenon to exist’ (part 2)

But what would it mean for these exceptions to come from within (your mind, as opposed to the external world)? The capacity for allowing exceptions in the external world would seem to be one that would equally allow for exceptions coming from within. As in the empiricist/Lockean sense of the external world as mental representation, […]