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Category Archives: misdirected anger

The Atheist Delusion

1. I don’t believe in atheists. ‘Atheism’ is a very confused concept and I wish for the universe1 that it is settled once and for all in this essay. I claim that ‘atheist’ has only one coherent sense, and this sense is as metaphysically dogmatic as any religion or ethos that has ever existed. The […]

On Things Nobody Talks About

There are things that nobody really talks about (I am using the colloquial sense of  “nobody really”  here). I don’t particularly mean the most demonstrably abnormal things you did as a child; I’m interested in the seemingly innocuous things-nobody-talks-about. With that, I’m going to leave the reader with some time to figure out what I’m […]

Email to an academic philosopher friend of mine

Implicit to everything I was saying was that a re-enchantment of the world is in order. Look at all the students you taught here at [insert institution of higher learning]: they called themselves ‘Christian’ (which is supposed to be a “spiritual” tradition), but how spiritual are they? *Maybe* they pray, but I’m guessing that (if […]

Plight of the Pedestrian: Part 2

Here is another (Part 1here) inherent drawback to pedestrianism (more below on the problem with terminology). Dudes have flashy-ass cars that change color, and rims that appear to spin backwards and everyone looks at them and says: ‘That is a crazy-ass lookin’ car, and inside that must be the driver‘. Some people skateboard, and so […]

Plight of the Pedestrian: Part 1

I haven’t done the etymological research, but somehow ‘pedestrian’ came to be synonymous with: banal, commonplace, dull, ordinary, unexciting, etc. If you want to see a photo that really demonstrates what abuse this is, here is the photo from the wikipedia page for ‘pedestrian’. And what about ‘paedophile’? Even if they don’t share a common […]

Deducing the empty set of ‘philosophers’

This is a follow-up to a comment I made in my last post about you-know-who (we must pass over it in silence). I made a comment that there are no philosophers anymore (never was, maybe one). What I meant is just this: that there are no philosophers anymore. ‘Philosopher’ is of a kind with concepts […]

i’m confused

In explaining ideas, why can’t people be more clear? Why can’t they just start from the key to the whole system of ideas? After which the whole rest of the picture would just fall into place. There are so many damn obstacles to learning, and that is one of the biggest. On very rare occasions […]

faux fortification

Afraid to get ‘out-of-your-head’, retreat back to your fortress of convictions (armor), go ahead and reinforce yourself, mirror walls reflecting your image infinitely.