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Finding the Wellspring of Fortune

This is some “get rich quick” magic clap sales copy that I wrote for a job application:

Finding the Wellspring of Fortune

The last time that I had to struggle was in realizing that I am Free. I was once lost, wanting everything that life had to offer, but not knowing how to get it. I struggled for years, following one treasure map after another, but then I realized something: All treasure maps must eventually lead to the heart, and in our hearts we are Free.

Something Greater is in Store

If you have a feeling that life has something greater in store for you, then you are already on the road to Freedom and Fortune. But there is also a secret to Freedom and Fortune, and you aren’t going to find it unless you look in the right places. Realizing this secret is said to unlock unlimited creative potential, and it does.

Real Freedom

Freedom is not just about being able to say and do what makes you happy; this is a relatively modern idea. Humankind has always been Free – Free in Spirit. Even a man in chains is Free. Realizing you are Free is the secret to Fortune, and realizing that you are Free has always been potential in Humankind. The rest is up to you.

Who Am I, and How I Can Help You?

It doesn’t require the life of a monk; anybody can realize this secret. I am not a holy man or spiritual master; I am an ordinary person. Realizing that you are Free is not as hard as you imagine, but realizing this does require some things. On the surface, it requires some time and energy from you. That is the easy part. Beyond this, it requires the strength to leap into the unknown.

You do not yet know the you that you will become. You may have romantic ideas about this person, but as of yet they are just ideas. The you to come is far greater than you have yet imagined, and this is also where I can help you.

Realizing this potential is like learning a second language: once you achieve fluency, you discover new ways to express your potential. One must become comfortable with different ways of thinking and talking, and this takes time (but not as much time as it takes to learn a language!).

Another way that realizing your potential is like learning a language is that it takes practice. Practice is crucial, and I have created a workshop for just this purpose. This workshop was created for the busy lifestyles of the modern world as well as the more contemplative lifestyles. The “workshop” consists of an introductory lecture followed by the Ten Keys to Freedom and Fortune. I call it a “workshop” because each listen requires something from you. If you can provide that something, I guarantee that each listen will bring new realizations on your path to Freedom and Fortune.