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A short rant on how stupid religion is

i admit that sometimes i have these weird paranoid pangs of guilt for being so unreligious (more like sacrilegious). In a kind of reality-check, I worry that I’ve just been treating this like some kind of puzzle that I have outwitted, when in reality the situation is much more grave, and what a fool I’ve been for taking it so lightly. But what makes me feel better is just thinking that there are so many different religions in the world, religions that have less blood on their hands, the fact that there are people that are born and die without ever even hearing of Jesus, forget about the millennia before Jesus ever arrived and all the people that were born, suffered, and died. What good did all that do? Presumably that could’ve been avoided and we could’ve just started with Jesus. Were all the aeons and aeons and aeons of gas and dust and fireballs necessary?

There aren’t many ways to reconcile these contradictions. One is that it doesn’t matter when or where you are born; you will be saved since it doesn’t exactly seem fair that words of Jesus have only been around part of the time. But then why did Jesus have to come down at all? Is there more of a culpability upon us who have lived within earshot of the words of Jesus? But still, why then? Why not before? Why not just leave some invincible son of god down here to keep reminding us? Why all the stupid games of time and distance, life and death, natural causes hiding the divine causes, creating creatures that depend on their senses and who reason, etc.? Why not do something a bit more convincing like place identical sons with identical teachings in every village around the world at the same time? Why just one location back when people got around on horseback and ship, and nobody wrote much, communication was limited, etc.?

Another possibility is that there might be some way to retroactively save people, which I think the Mormons do or something. But this still seems ridiculous. Why put all those thousands upon thousands of generations through all that, if you are going to have someone wish them up into heaven later. And presumably god could’ve done something about those souls during those millennia in limbo until Jesus showed up, thereby eliminating the need to go back and save them. It’s kinda like being trapped in a mineshaft, people going nuts trying to dig their way out, thinking they are going to die, clawing at each other for no reason, just because they have no hope, and then in walks Jesus and says, “Sorry I’m late guys! I see a bunch of you have died already. Well, I’ll just bring those guys back to life real quick and we’ll get outta here.”

Another possibility is that those people that weren’t in earshot are screwed, but that doesn’t seem like something that god would do.

So if one of these possibilities is the case, that still doesn’t eliminate the fact that the only interpretation in light of all that has been said is that this must be some kind of puzzle or game. But why in the hell does god need to put us all through this puzzle? The most plausible way of looking at this to me is that, since it is such a test for every single individual, then this must be some kind of endurance test, training camp/boot camp, the purpose being to bang out the best of the best, more of a statistical outcome/dialectical process. Leaving it all up to us to achieve what god has planned as the ultimate end/good. So this is some kind of proving ground. But why did god feel it was necessary to put us through this proving ground? What did we do to deserve this (forget about Adam and Eve)? Or what did putting us all through this acheive that couldn’t have been achieved otherwise through god limitless powers? Presumably there must be some reason. And that is where the only answer is: what the fuck ever. If there is a god, then the above can’t be what he is up to unless this world is just some lab experiment in higher dimensions. And if that is the case, then whoever the creator is, it certainly isn’t what everyone thinks they are worshiping.

There must either be other reasons/shapes/integrities in those higher dimensions that cause this world to have the shape that it does (like a pool of water on top of your tent while you are inside), or this is just some bubble. Either way, you’ve got to admit this place is pretty darn strange.