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On dreams

I think it is really strange that the dream hypothesis (how do you know that you aren’t just dreaming?) is really argued as if it makes sense. Do philosophers really have such vivid dreams? Here is an example of how detailed dreams must be: if someone were to ask me to visualize (or draw) the pattern of the carpet in the hall of my apartment building, I would hardly be able to come up with the colors, and that it is kinda floral looking. I know that it is actually much more detailed than that. In a dream, if I were to walk out into this hall, I am going to say that the detail of the carpet in this dream is exactly that degree to which I am able to picture it right now. Maybe I just don’t have very detailed dreams, or maybe I just don’t have the kind of memory as some people do, but I haven’t been amazed by the superior memory of everyone around me in comparison to my own, which makes me think that my memory must be pretty standard. Thus it seems to me that memory is very vague. I am not used to remembering things in such detail, and I have never even surprised myself with the recollection in vivid detail, something along the lines as this pattern. Rather it is vaguer ideas about what happened that are remembered. There could be countless examples – the baby blanket that slept with until I was far too old to be sleeping with a baby blanket. I could tell you vaguely that there were Richard Scarry characters on it (cats wearing clothes, doing normal things) and it was green and yellow, but I have no vivid memory of particular pictures on this blanket. I am guessing that were I to come across this blanket in a dream, it would have just this detail, and because this is the detail I remember it in, it would appear to actually be the blanket in the dream. In your dream, go to a bookshelf and pick up a book that you have read many times. Do you think that your memory contains every word of that book? Some people have photographic memories, and some artists likewise have photographic memories when it comes to such patterns and other scenes. But I’m guessing that they probably dream in much sharper detail than the average person. But they will both claim to have vivid dreams.